Mission & Vision

Designed for a new life

Your newborn child.
You'll do anything for it.
Together you choose a crib and a stroller, with the greatest care.
A timeless design. As unique as your little self.

At Tiny Things you will only find the very best.

Timeless and indestructible. Dressed to your taste with fresh sheets and colourful blankets made of pure natural fabric.

Meet the founders

Friso and Michiel both grew up in Groningen and always stayed connected through a group of old friends. Through their connectedness with Tiny Library they came up with the idea of creating a circular design brand for the baby product industry.

Our sister brand

Tiny Library is our founding partner. We design for a circular model and Tiny Library is one of the first pioneer brands that offers baby products as a service.

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Buy back guarantee

Everyone who owns a Tiny Sleeper can return it to us with the guarantee of us buying back the product for € 300,- You need to have a proof of purchase. And the product should be in reasonable state, so we can refurbish it, and give it a new life.