Sleep natural

At TINY THINGS we design with nature. Co-sleeping is a natural habit and is therefore the best thing you can give to your child. We were not designed to sleep apart. Tings like heart-rate, body temperature, sleep and hormone cycles are all developed and regulated in accordance with each-other and with the circular patterns of nature (daylight, moon, etc). That's why it's natural to keep your baby as close as possible. 

Co-sleeping is ideal. You don't want your baby in the bed, but you also don't want your little newborn too far away. Because when you want to have a quick look, or need to feed, you need to get out of bed. A co-sleeper gives you the best of both worlds. It is close enough, so you can do everything you need within reach. But you still have the full bed for yourself and you don't have to worry about rolling over on top of your baby. 

Many research show that co-sleeping is good for creating a healthy sleep cycle for the baby and gives parents a better night because they can stay in bed. Sleeping together is good for the parent-child bonding. 

You will get more sleep because the baby will develop a regular sleeping pattern more quickly, and because you will fall faster asleep after feeding.